Co To island

Co To island

Located in the east of Van Don island of Quang Ninh province, nearly Ha Long Bay, about 60 kilometers from Van Don island district, including a large Co To island, a small Co To island, Thanh Lam island and Tran island and countless island and small island. Co To island is appropriate to be a must-see attraction of Vietnam.
Located in the east of Van Don island of Quang Ninh province, nearly Ha Long Bay, about 60 kilometers from Van Don island district, including a large Co To island, a small Co To island, Thanh Lam island and Tran island and countless island and small island. Co To island is appropriate to be a must-see attraction of Vietnam. Visiting Co To, tourists would not only have a chance to become one with the nature in a relaxing and fresh environment of blue clean seawater, but also to visit primitive forests, the impressive lighthouse of Co To, Ho Chi Minh’s Monument, Co To Pier, fishing village and natural reefs and islets.

Co To island has been covered by electric network since October 2013, so tourism of Co To island has more and more developed. Certainly that Co To Island is an important part of tourism programs same as role of Ha Long Bay of tourism in Quang Ninh province. If Ha Long Bay attract tourists by luxury and modern tourism products such as Carina Cruise Halong, To Co Island is attractive destination for tourists who prefer to exploring and admiring a vacation in peace.
Visitors will come to Co To island by boat from Cai Rong port (Van Don District, Quang Ninh province). There are many boat trips to with many type of brands of boat to the island everyday.
1.Speech boat in Cai Rong port – Van Don port
  • - Time: 70 minutes
  • - Ticket price:
    • + Beginning of the week: 200.000VND/Turn/person
    • + At the end of week: 220.000VND/Turn/person
  • - Departure time:
    • + Van Don port - Co To island: 8.00a.m and 13.30p.m
    • + Co To island - Van Don port: 8.15a.m and 15.15p.m
Note: There are extra boats on Friday and Saturday 
2. Wooden boat from Cai Rong port
  • - Time: 150 minutes
  • - Ticket price: 120.000VND/Turn/person
  • - Departure time:
    • +Van Don port – Co To island: 7.00a.m from Monday to Saturday 
    • +Co To island – Van Don port: 7.00p.m
  • - Note: There are extra boats at 13.00 on the weekend
3. Electric Cars and Taxi service
The group of electric car is always to serve visitors, all of them is informed list price in detail.
Meals: it’s not difficult for visitors to have good meal with special food of fresh seafood, especially that price for each meal is fairly affordable. You can eat in these any restaurant around the Co To town such as Manh Quan, Hai Au, Long Hang, To Nam or Uy Thanh restaurant…
Accommodation: There are many different type of accommodations in tourism with range of level from normal to highly quality to providing guests. Furthermore, there are more and more excellent-quality hotels has been constructed with beach view, fully furnishings, luxury facilities…
Beach: Co To Island owns the most beautiful beaches with white smooth sand and blue water sea and so on, but Love Beach (known as Uncle Ho Beach) is one of most famous beaches for its name and nearly location with residential area. It’s a long beach, clean, near the market and many stores. Moreover, Love Beach’s attraction is both green pine forest and a paved road along the shore. Van Chay and Hong Van beach is also considered a best choice to for who love beach, only about 10 kilometers from Co To town.
Van Chay beach is located in west of the island where the sunset is most beautiful and becoming a favourite beach of more  and more tourists where you can experience entertainment activities for summer with long beach and white sand. Near the beach is some of small bungalow to serve visitors. 

Van Chay beach
Hong Van beach is situated in the east of Co To Island where sunrise is most beautiful, dimple waves, long shore, smooth sand and wilderness. According to locals, it’s is a surprising thing about Van Chay and Hong Van Beach that in the beginning of the tourism season Van Chay is more suitable to bath than Hong Van beach and contrariwise at the end of tourism season.
The fact at the half end of June 2015 they has a make conclution that Van Chay beach is really good for bathing-beach activities with fresh water, white smooth sand. Hong Van beach is alternatively suitable for anyone to diving because of thick coral reef’s coverage.
Hong Van beach

Lighthouse of Co To Island

Co To Lighthouse is the symbol of the island, which offers the most beautiful panorama of Ha Long Bay. Lighthouse is located at a height of more 100 meters above the sea level and next by a smaller lighthouse. It’s amazing that electrical generator and electricity network are not used to operate the lighthouse, especially solar power is the main energy source which is stored by battery to maintain throughout the process of operation. Lighthouse of Co To Island is also considered is a most beautiful for viewer lighthouses in Vietnam. From the balcony of the light house, you have an opportunity to see a panorama of the spectacular green island of Co To, overview of Co To Con island and Thanh Lan island which emerge as small mountain and surrounded by white sand. 
(Visiting Lighthouse, you need to have permission to climb to the station).
Lighthouse of Co To island

Bac Van Port

It’s take about 20 minutes on foot from Lighthouse to Bac Van Military port. Situated in at the end of peak south and really has been deserted few years ago. Standing in here. From here, you can see the Co To Con island in not far only 20 minutes by boat. Bac Van Military Port is definitely the best choice for everyone to camp or organize campfire party overnight.
Bac Van Military port

Cau My Stone

Cau My rock reef on Co To Island with sedimentary system was eroded over thousands of years by the sea create a real wonder in Vietnam. Where you can catch the most beautiful sunrise of the island, beautiful rocky beach area, blue water and lapping on the island day and night. Here make people imagine that they are walking on Mars because if mixing water and rock color that make up the special attraction. Besides, Cau My Stone is known as sweet name – Love Valley.

Cau My stone

Co To Con Island

Co To Con Island, is small islands located about 1 kilometers from Co To Island. Coming here it’s easy to fall in love with white smooth sand, the herd of Sao sun bathing, school of fish swim under the water. Furthermore, it has no resident that it’s really wonderful unspoiled landscape, same as paradise on earth. And If you need something to be more crazy, more amazing, let’s try to referring Grayline Cruise Halong Bay 2 days 1 night which show you how fascinatingly and charmingly beautiful Halong Bay.

Small Co To island